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Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

➦VDM is the act or effort of intentionally using a vehicle to kill or injure other persons, or, where a player kills another person, without intent, by reckless performance under circumstances where any sane individual would understand that such performance could beyond reasonable doubt result in the death of another person. —

➦Examples of VDM include but are not limited to:- Intentionally running people over or causing explosions to vehicles in order to kill or injure any person(s), speeding excessively with a car hitting a motorcycle where the rider/passenger dies or causing an explosion to a vehicle in a high traffic area like Legion Square which results in the death of any person(s).

Random Deathmatch

➦Also known as RDM is the act of killing/downing somebody without first engaging in quality roleplay. The mentioned roleplay should always include directly initiating on somebody’s life or having your own life initiated on. You are also to give people an incentive and enough time to comply with your orders (e.g during a robbery, do not shoot after 3 seconds if they don’t listen). Note that we do not consider quick countdowns quality roleplay.​

Fear RP

➦Fear RP is not allowed. This means that you are to value your life at all times and act accordingly in situations. For example, if you have a gun pointed at you, then you are to listen to commands given by the person holding the gun or anyone affiliated with that person to ensure your own survival.

Combat loging

➦During any roleplay situation is considered exploitation. Some examples of this would be: logging out during a firefight, being chased by the police, arrested by the police, while dead awaiting a medic, logging out to save gear, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained,etc. We are aware of common crashes, connection issues, etc., however, this is often reflected in the logs and staff will make an informed decision on whether you’ve tried to resolve the issue by, for example, logging back on.​ 


➦Power Gaming is strictly prohibited. This is when you aim to maximize progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling (roleplay) and atmosphere. 

Fail RP

➦Fail RP is the act of failing to roleplay realistically and is a bannable offence. When playing, it is important to keep to realistic capabilities. This includes not using GTA’s physics to perform actions that would not be possible in real life. Example: Jumping off a bridge with a car, only to then fall 20 meters and survive. 

Low Effort RP

➦In-voice (also known as going out of character) is never allowed unless a staff member arrives and clearly announces that there now is an on-going staff situation. We have seen numerous cases of people having personal arguments and threatening to file reports, and we want to make clear that this is not allowed. Doing this will lead to a permanent ban without any prior warnings.​ 

Breaking Roleplay

▾When you do not put effort in your RP situation is considered as Low Effort RP. ▾Cop baiting is not allowed. Do NOT intentionally try to get pulled over or chased ▾Using NPC as a hostage is considered as low effort RP ▾Always shooting, running from police in situations where it isn’t called for may be considered low-effort RP like running from a traffic stop where you would only be getting a speeding ticket. ▾Random Looting is not allowed. ➦If you are restrained or if your communication devices have been removed then you must make yourself inactive on any other forms of communication besides proximity chat.​
➦”Stream Sniping” is considered metagaming and is not allowed If a player is streaming on our servers, then you must not use the information that you gain from watching the stream in-game, if found doing so will result into a kick and in a more serious situation may result into a permanent ban

New Life Rules

➦When a new life starts, your character will forget all the information and events leading up to your death. However, you are still the same character (same job, gang, friends).​

➣A new life starts, when​

▾You are executed.
▾You re-spawn.

➣A new life does not start when:​

▾Your character has been the victim of a clear case of VDM
▾Your character has been the victim of a clear case of RDM
▾You are downed (awaiting reviving)
▾You disconnect (end of the session)

When Your character cannot return within 500m of the location of death or be
involved in the same combat situation until the situation is over or 10 minutes have
passed in real time. Players might act and try to tell you what happened to you and
make the situation lead to a revenge. This type of revenge RP will be not considered
as RP and depending upon the situation a kick/ban will be given

Offencive Roleplay

➦The purpose of this rule is to find a balance between allowing players to be comfortable when playing while still allowing some freedom during roleplay. The roleplay that is restricted under this rule falls under the broad term of “Offensive Roleplay”, but it does not mean that any roleplay that offends a player is not allowed. To do any of the roleplay listed above, it must be done with the consent of all players involved in the situation. If a player is uncomfortable with the roleplay and they are a participant, they may request that it stops at any time. If a player witnesses offensive roleplay and they do not wish to see it, they may remove themselves from the scene


▾You may kidnap LEOs given there is reasonable RP.
▾You may not kidnap an LEO who is already actively RPing in a scenario you are not
involved in.
▾You may not rob a cop without a valid reason; they are not your loot cows or your
personal armoury.

Cop Baiting

It’s strictly not allowed for players to bait officers. Let’s suppose if an officer is busy with a crime situation such as a bank robbery or a murder or they are engaged in role play, you aren’t allowed to do actions which might lead breaking their RP.

➣Some Examples of Cop-Baiting

▾Honking of horns unnecessary to annoy an officer who is on a traffic stop or speaking with another player.
▾Intentionally interfering with an ongoing roleplay situation just so to get attention
from police.
▾Intentionally hitting,ramming,shooting or otherwise acting inappropriately in front of the police personnel without initiating a proper roleplay.
▾The crowding during a 10-90 is also considered as cop-baiting.

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