Whiteout is a GTAV RolePlay server based in Lithuania, but balanced for any nationality. Everything started back in 2019 when group of people decided to start their own FiveM project. After not so successful initial start, some ups and downs we closed the server for a complete rework. During that short period, we realised that RolePlay situation in Lithuania is dire. However, we also noticed there were a lot of eager people who wanted a decent place to express themselves. So here we are, after a long break, ready to accommodate everyone. We are no masters at roleplay, but we believe we have what it takes to build a successful project. We try to introduce fresh ideas that should bring more dynamic to everybody’s roleplay. We are aiming to build a strong community while teaching and learning from each other. We want to find a balance between law and crime, roleplay and grind while trying to keep everyone happy. We have implemented quite a few unique systems in order to maintain that balance which will be described below, at the juicy section.

How to?

If you are already interested, you can read our server rules and guidance points. After that, fill out our whitelist application form If your application is successful, You will be notified personally and then invited for the interview at our  server. Don’t worry, it’s not a job interview, just an opportunity for us to understand what kind of people are about to join our community.

Not yet

Not conviced? Have a look at the gallery and the juicy bits below for more in-depth information.


Here are the juicy bits...

Legal Jobs

Boring legal life made cool again! We have a selection of good old legal jobs, that everybody knows well. However, we have added some spice to make them interesting. Every job has a ranking system that defines your seniority in the company. The higher your rank is, higher your salary and higher chances to receive various perks will be. Which will be valuable within other factions. Who knows, one day you might reach rank high enough not to work and still make money!

Crime Life

All those living in shadows have plenty activities as well. You can make money out of pretty much anything, Not gonna get into details, since there will be no fun later in game. However, we can tell that criminals will be heavily dependant on neutral factions to survive, therefore keeping good balance between both sides of the law. Also, we would recommend to focus on few criminal activities more, because of the next column

you ve got some skills

Yes, you’ve got them! We’ve got them! Everybody has them! We have implemented skill system into our server. Everyone has physical skills, like stamina, strength and toughness which will allow your character have different physical traits from others. However, after you create your character you will be required to select a personal skillset that will fit your planned roleplay the best. You have 8 available sets to choose from, so choose wisely because it will take a long time to perfect them!

right to a lawyer

Did something naughty? Got in trouble? Happened to be in a wrong place at a wrong time? Not to worry, we have a justice system in place. Lawyers are at your service. Nobody will be punished for no reason and everybody will get their justice they deserve. <br><br>*If you can’t afford one, state will provide one.

Sound like no one else

We use TeamSpeak with TokoVOIP plugin for the pleasure of your eardrums. Quality dimensional sound, no laggy/crackly sounds and no cough medicine for your voice needed. TeamSpeak allows you to actually understand who is talking plus phone calls and radio use with almost 10k unique frequencies. What can be better?

Powah to the people!

By whitelisting the server, we are trying to build stronger community. We think that server is nothing without it’s community. Therefore, our aim is to educate people in RolePlay, listen to them, to their ideas and try to adapt. Let’s grow together!

Ready to start your story?

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